The Flightdeck Proposition


If you have a CRM requirement and think that Flightdeck might be the right solution, then the workshop is a great opportunity for you to eradicate that giant leap of faith.

At the workshop we undertake the first day of the implementation. This involves discussing and exploring how Flightdeck could work in your business before you commit to the whole project. Following this step, a full proposal would be prepared and submitted showing a fixed total investment required.

Usually, and hopefully, you would then decide to proceed with the remainder of the implementation of the solution based on the full proposal, although there is no obligation to do so.

Most customers take the view that this way of proceeding with the initial day of implementation provides reassurance that we really do understand their business and that there will be no surprises once the project is underway. It also provides clarity relating to the details of the solution to be delivered.
Things typically covered in the workshop:

  • Gain understanding of the relevant business processes in more detail
  • Document details of data requirements
  • Understand workflow requirements and access to information
  • Agree printed output required
  • Uncover other elements that could be automated (optionally)
  • Discuss and agree project elements roles, timescales, phasing etc
  • Discuss and agree training requirements
  • Understand existing data sources and data migration requirements
  • Establish any requirements to interface with other systems
  • Document in detail what the project deliverables will be

The Process & Implementation

In the beginning we have an exploratory meeting to determine whether or not Flightdeck is going to be an appropriate solution for your business. At this meeting we gain an improved understanding of how your business operates and what it is that you need.

We know that Flightdeck is not going to be the right solution on every occasion. It is for this reason we have an open and honest agreement right from the start. We will tell you if we think that Flightdeck is not going to be suitable in your business – we hope that you will do the same and say if you don’t think it’s for you.

Assuming Flightdeck is appropriate, at this point we are able to provide you with a broad estimate in budget terms, based on this initial meeting.

Providing you are happy, we would then continue with the first day of the implementation in the form of a workshop.

The workshop gives us a good understanding of the overall scope of the project, allows us to identify any obvious complexities and enables us to discuss in outline aspects such as data migration, training and interfaces.

Our approach is very much to work with our customers to understand in detail how the business works, what processes are in place, what information is required by different people and so on so that we can put together a solution which does exactly what you require.

We deliver our systems through a Service Delivery Team, headed up by a Service Delivery Manager, who are all customer-focussed and who strive to achieve your objectives rather than simply install software. This is very unusual in the SME marketplace.

At the heart of our solutions we use our Flightdeck software which is fundamentally configurable and can be moulded and crafted around any number of differing requirements but at low cost.


There’s an Initial Licence Fee dependent upon the number of concurrent users. Any services we provide such as training, development, configuration and data import are charged for at our standard daily rate.

Typically, our solutions are fully licensed and implemented for an investment of between £400 per user and £1,500 per user depending on the number of concurrent users and the amount of training, data migration and interfacing that is required.

Will it work alongside our other systems?

Flightdeck integrates with all sorts of applications such as accounting systems, websites, line of business applications, office applications and telephone systems.