a Highly configurable
Business management System

Flightdeck has been supporting Customers for over 20 years. Established in 2001 We provide for all types of businesses, from estate agents to manufacturers. Predominantly, supporting the SME market place, and can provide ERP functionality for a fraction of the cost of mainstream systems. It is not unusual for us to implement ERP systems with only 5 users.   

We, at Flightdeck, believe we sit in the middle of a shrink wrapped software system bought off the shelf to a fully bespoke system designed and built for a specific purpose. To do this we build add-ins that enables us to deliver bespoke functionality that bolts onto the core Flightdeck application. This is beneficial for two reasons, firstly we only need to develop small pockets of code that requires minimal testing and simple deployment and secondly, it is low risk for the customer, development is quick and can be modified easily if not quite as expected. The core Flightdeck application is updated by-annually, based from customer feedback and if successful added to the application.   

What is Flightdeck?

Flightdeck is a powerful business management system which enables you to keep track of all that goes on in your organisation, putting you in complete control.

Why Flightdeck is different?

Flightdeck is a highly configurable system which can be molded and crafted around any number of differing requirements, providing a tailored system built specifically for your needs.

How can Flightdeck help me?

Business leaders will invest in a system to address issues they have either experienced or issues that are anticipated in the business

The Flightdeck Proposition?

If you have a requirement for a business management system and think that Flightdeck might be the right solution, then the workshop is a great opportunity to eradicate the giant leap of faith.

Where we can help

What some of our clients say

OSL would not be without Flightdeck. From lead generation to delivery of goods, it manages our whole sales and operations process seamlessly. Flightdeck, records our sales activity so that internally, the whole team knows what’s going on and externally, our Clinical Specialists come across as professional and knowledgeable.

Oncology Systems Ltd

Flightdeck manages everything

Shropshire Chamber

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

We do stock and lots of things

Lime Green Products

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We would like to invite you to see how Flightdeck could work for your business. To request a hands on demo of how Flightdeck can be applied to help manage your business, please fill the form in below. Our demos give you the chance to see how it works first hand.