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Why Flightdeck is different

Flightdeck is a highly configurable CRM solution.

It can be moulded and crafted around any number of differing requirements and will organise your information in a way that makes sense to you. It would look familiar, use your own vocabulary, and it would support and underpin your requirements and processes rather than require you to change the way you do things.

The resulting solution would do just what you need it to do and would be very easy to use. It is mostly for this reason that we don’t believe it is appropriate, in most situations, to think of a critical business information system as something that can be bought shrink wrapped off the shelf.

Essentially, we endeavour to provide the advantages of a bespoke solution to your requirements but at similar costs and timescale to buying shrink-wrapped software.

In addition, we believe that for an information system like this to be effective there needs to be a true partnership between supplier and customer. Your requirements will certainly change over time, your business will expand or your processes will change, and your information system needs to support these changing requirements. Having extremely flexible software at the heart of your information systems and a partnership with the software supplier is crucial to this.

We partner with our customers and deliver the solution in a service-based way which is focussed on your business needs rather than as a software installation. We work with you in partnership into the future to ensure you are able to use the system effectively and to ensure that the system adapts and changes as your own business requirements change

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