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Getting Started


Before the user can login into the Flightdeck the application will need some basic information.

Click on the settings Icon underneath the Log In button and this is where Flightdeck App is configured. There are three fields to be filled in.

  • Search Page Size this determines the number of search results that are brought back when a user loads Contacts, Companies and Leads and how many more are loaded when the user scrolls.

  • Flightdeck Service this is where the app has to connect to, to get to the service.
  • Flightdeck DB this is the name of the database the app is going to connect to.
Settings screen

Login Screen

The user will type in their username and password as per their Flightdeck login credentials.

Username is not case sensitive. Password is case sensitive.

When the user has typed in their credentials they click on the Log In screen and Flightdeck will load.

Login screen

Home Page

Once logged in the user will be navigated to the Homepage/Main Menu.

Login screen

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