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Diary List

Lists all Open Activities for the user in list format.

Can click on the activity to open up and see full details.

Click on the refresh button in the bottom righthand corner to refresh the list.

The user can click on the plus in the bottom left hand corner to add a new activity to their diary list view.

Contacts screen


Whether a user is in Lead, Contact, Company or the Diary they are able to add activities that when saved will be associated to the Entity.

Flightdeck will not let a user save an activity without the mandatory fields being filled out.

Once the dates are filled in in an activity and saved the activity is visible on the user’s diary.

New Contact form

Calendar View

Whilst on List view of the diary the user can click on the Calendar icon in the top righthand corner to view the diary as a calendar – the user can toggle between a Week View and a Month View by click on the buttons ‘Week’ and ‘Month’.

The user can go back and forward month by month by clicking on ‘<’ and ‘>’

To go forward or back 12 months the user can click on ‘<<’ or ‘>>’

Weekend days are coloured orange.

Dates that have an activity against them are circled with a dark blue circle.

The date the user is currently looking at is highlighted with an orange circle.

A user can highlight a date and click on the plus in the top righthand corner to add an activity on the date selected.

Contact details

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