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Company Search

Clicking on the Companies icon from the Main Menu brings up All Companies. It will load the first 20 companies automatically and a user can then scroll down and more companies will load or they can use the search.

Place the cursor in the search box and type the Company Name in, when the user clicks done – the result set will delimit to show the Companies of that Name.

Companies screen

Add Company

To add a new Company not currently in the database the user presses the ‘+’ from the Company Search screen in the top righthand corner.

This will bring up a new Company form for the user to fill in the relevant information.

Add Company form

Flightdeck will flash a warning if the user tries to save a record without filling in all the mandatory fields.

Company validation screen

Company Details

A user can view details for a Company by clicking on one of the company names found in the Company Search list.

A user can edit the company details by clicking on Edit in the top righthand side of the screen, when they are happy with the changes they click Save in the top right.

To go back to the Company Search from a Company the user presses the ‘<’ at the top left of their screen.

Company details

Company Options

The company record has five options represented by icons at the bottom of the screen. An option is selected by clicking the icon.

The phone icon will prompt the user for a phone number they wish to call (out of the ones populated) and then call them. Once the phone call is finished the call the Flightdeck app will ask the user to log the call and bring up the phone call screen.

The mail icon will take the user to their default email client and open a new email with the contacts email address in the ‘to’ field.

The Star icon will add or remove the Company to or from the user’s favourite list.

The Star icon will turn yellow to indicate that the company is a favourite.

The Diary icon will bring up a new Activity form – the user can select the activity type form the dropdown and schedule the activity. Once this is saved, the activity is associated to the Company in Flightdeck and visible on their Diary.

The Trash-can icon will prompt the user to confirm deletion of the company record.

Choose Company phone number

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