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Yale Security Point
Yale Security Point

The Company

Yale Security Point is one of the leaders in the supply, installation and service of a vast range of security products and services, they are passionate about helping you protect your home, business and belongings.

No matter what your security and safety needs, Yale Security Point will help you protect your most precious belongings by providing a wide range of security products and services.


Why was Flightdeck needed?

Network owner Julian Farmer had spent five years researching the market and the needs of its consumers. He examined the strengths and weaknesses of other networks operating in the sector. The key learning was that, in spite of the sensitive nature of the work, it was largely unregulated providers, often lacking in professionalism and good customer service standards that served the market.

The brief to which Flightdeck responded drew on these findings, together with Julian’s own extensive experience with the highly regulated and service orientated businesses of the Bank of America, Hilton Hotels and large insurance companies. As Julian says “We knew that we needed to have complete visibility to control and run the network and deliver on our brand promise to the customer”.

How does Flightdeck help?

Working in close consultation with the Franchisor a comprehensive, integrated IT platform was developed that satisfied all his requirements. All orders, invoices, safety & security surveys and job satisfaction scores are captured via digital pen and paper technology. An integrated laptop quotation application was developed allowing options reviewed and the selected data sent to the system generating an immediate email quotation to the customer. As a result not only is all the relevant data collected and processed before the engineer leaves the customer but the automation of the entire process drives out the costs and potential errors associated with manual handling and transcription.

The Flightdeck system is provided in a fully hosted environment placing no demand on the client for IT knowledge or infrastructure. Key processes – such as job allocation and email of job offers and responses are fully automated, as is the back to back processes of franchisor/franchisee financial transactions and monthly consolidation of rules based fees, commissions and charges. This level of automation is also extended to web enquiries from 3rd party job referrers and other. Manual data input and reconciliation is removed and accurate management information at both franchisee and franchisor level provided in real time. The productivity gains from this automation of processes should not be underestimated. Julian says “Without this system franchisees could be spending a day a week on paperwork rather than the half an hour they do spend”.

There are many types of franchise network but we have yet to find one that fails to benefit from implementing a highly effective franchise management system. The Flightdeck service based approach, aptly summed up by Julian Farmer himself as, “The answer is yes, now what is the question” is one of working closely with the client developing a level of empathy that translates into solutions that fit the real business need. This responsiveness, matched with the robust flexibility of the systems Flightdeck builds, was precisely what Yale Security Point was looking for. As Julian states, “We exist in a dynamic market where we work with a lot of 3rd party introducers, all of whom want to send work to us in different formats and have different reporting requirements. As new products are launched these create both new opportunities as well as demands that need to be catered for. This is what made, and continues to make, Flightdeck such a valued partner and its system future proof”.

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