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Nabarrow Poole Case Study
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The Company

Nabarro Poole is a practice of chartered and management accountants with offices in Manchester and Oswestry. Their clients operate throughout the UK and undertake both commercial and industrial activity.

They offer an extensive range of services including accounting, tax and payroll assistance, dealing with change, setting up new companies, helping businesses expand and when difficulties arise.


Why was Flightdeck needed?

Time recording software was used to process and store work in progress information alongside basic client details, the combination of which allowed invoices to be raised.

“There were some flaws – it gave different results on different reports from the same data” said Alan Poole, Director of the company, “For a long time this wasn’t really an issue though because overall the software did the job and it was easy to use and understand”.

Alan was content with his time and fees system but in 2004 he realised that with the business growing and changing, he needed improved systems to be able to monitor work, measure and act on customer feedback and use in house information to generate yet more work.

How does Flightdeck help?

Nabarro Poole were not looking for a “one-size-fits-all” package.

Alan liked Flightdeck because it would replace some of their legacy systems and work well alongside their other programs. Flightdeck would also eliminate repetitive double entry and human error.

“We wanted more than just contact management”, said Alan. “With Flightdeck we are able to relate organisations, put budgets in, plan out a project, work out pricing, profitability, look at where we can make improvements within the business, measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), distinguish between clients and non clients. We can track literally anything and everything”.

The impact Flightdeck has for clients

In the past invoicing has not always been straightforward. Flightdeck has turned this around so that in some cases they are able to create an invoice in less than a minute.

“Invoicing is now a joy and it’s always quick and accurate. We are able to price better as we know exactly how much things have cost us and the data is easy to read and organise. Flightdeck is effortless to transfer time around between jobs, to enter data and to see where you could make improvements.

“People don’t change things because there will be only marginal benefit, they change things because there will be some significant benefit, and that is what we have found. As a by product of replacing our time and fees system with Flightdeck, we have all of this opportunity. We have all of this extra information without actually having to do any more work; it’s completely free in terms of effort.

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