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Shropshire Chamber of Commerce Case Study
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The Company

Shropshire Chamber of Commerce is an independent organisation that campaigns for the interests of its members and offers a wide variety of support services ranging from training to risk insurance.

The services are specially tailored to the needs of the Shropshire business community.


Why was Flightdeck needed?

Shropshire Chamber, like any business, needs to ensure that the information held on its clients is up-to-date and easily available. This is particularly important for a membership owned and driven organisation such as a Chamber of Commerce – as the core of its business is the communication of ideas and the promotion of events.

The Chamber had tried a variety of CRM packages to manage this data; however it never found the right blend of power and intuitive operation in the systems it had opted for. Flightdeck, as a semi-bespoke package, supported by a well-regarded Shropshire business, allowed Shropshire Chamber to ensure that the mix of features could be developed to meet their exact specification whilst ensuring that the end product remained simple to use.

How does Flightdeck help?

Flightdeck was launched at Shropshire Chamber in April 2007. Employees have quickly got to grips with the system and its positive effects are being felt across the organisation.

Employees are able to produce timely, accurate reports that provide the full range of information that the senior directors require to manage the Chamber, both in its day to day operations, and to also plan for the future.

The Flightdeck package has also given the Chamber the opportunity to monitor the use of its services more closely. For example, the events team are now able to track the attendance of members at meetings and conferences, whilst the training team have benefited from being able to integrate some of their internal databases with the new systems. This has allowed an enhanced monitoring of members needs and enabled improvements to the marketing of tuition packages.

The impact Flightdeck has for clients

A more structured approach to communication between Shropshire Chamber and its members is the most obvious development that the change to Flightdeck has brought. The movement of information across the organisation has become more effective. This has meant that staff can harness this vast information resource to provide a more fluid service experience for members.

The knowledge of clients’ needs and their previous use of Chamber services no longer reside with any one person but are shared between departments. Members should already be reaping the benefits of these integrated services.

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