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Don't Dream It Drive It Case Study
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The Company

Keeping businesses and people on the right road and moving in the right direction is a speciality of Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd.

With extensive experience in all aspects of the automotive industry, Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd is happy to offer its expertise to anyone wishing to source a vehicle or vehicles for their business or private use.

Working closely with its clients the company prides itself on ensuring it continually meets and exceeds customer expectations.


Why was Flightdeck needed?

Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd has always worked very closely with the businesses that it provides vehicles for, matching them with the most relevant and cost-effective solutions to their current and future vehicle needs.

As the company grew, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the customers and their specific requirements. This was particularly true when the owner of the company was not available, as she was often the person who had all the information at her fingertips.

A specific business requirement developed, one which meant that Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd needed to find a fast and effective way of keeping track on customers and their vehicles alike, as well as providing powerful and useful information to its customers.

How does Flightdeck help?

Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd has been using Flightdeck since June 2006. Since that time, the process of matching the right vehicles with the right customer has become much easier.

The company is now able to access vehicle information at a touch of a button and is able to move fleet vehicles around in order to help businesses save money.

This ease of access to information and customer details has meant that Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd has become a more proactive organisation – spotting potential issues and opportunities much earlier than before. It also allows the small team to work together with greater ease.

Flightdeck offers Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd – as it does all of its customers – a level of support and advice that is invaluable. As the CRM programme was built specifically for the company, the advice and support they receive is also company-specific.

A dedicated account manager provides all the support 'Don't Dream it Drive it Ltd' needs, being able to meet face-to-face to explain solutions. Not a trace of a call centre in sight.

The impact Flightdeck has for clients

As a result of the new processes put in place by Flightdeck and Don't Dream it Drive it Ltd, customers are now able to gain fast access to information that has been a serious headache in the past.

The bespoke Flightdeck system helps customers to save money and be more accurate when calculating a whole-life-cost of a company vehicle – Don't Dream it Driveit Ltd, in essence, becomes the fleet manager on behalf of its customers. This means the customers have no need to employ a fleet manager and avoid paying an extra salary.

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